TheUC 010: Keys to Successfully Growing Your Venture

Business Growth

It is one thing to get out in the market, and it is another feat altogether to STAY in the market place and grow and thrive.  Both early stage and mature companies often struggle with successful growth strategies that bring short term gains while ensuring long term value and viability. In this episode we discuss the keys to successfully and optimally investing in growing your business to garner new business while making sure you are leveraging your core customers that initially gave you traction … [Read more...]

TheUC 009: Spending Marketing and Sales Dollars Wisely


Marketing and sales dollars are expensive, and need to be spent wisely and judiciously.  There is a lot of literature out there and well intentioned advisers goading entrepreneurs to just get their product out there in a "fire, fire, fire" approach and forget about "aiming" or being "ready." But well intentioned or not, marketing and sales dollars are expensive and throwing everything at the wall to see what sticks is too costly and can be detrimental.  Depending on your product going "viral" … [Read more...]

TheUC 008: Selling and Presenting Yourself


Putting yourself out there effectively in the business world is essential. Whether you are pitching to investors, selling your product, building a customer base, recruiting, or interviewing, you are at some level selling yourself. Presenting yourself in a successful way is very challenging. Some are 'too slick,' and some are downright squeamish about presenting themselves. This episode discusses the many different audiences that you will need to present yourself while offering tactics for … [Read more...]

TheUC 007: Leading, Managing, and Running Your Business


Leadership and management is HARD, and many unwittingly fail. You can have the greatest product in the world but few things will tank an opportunity faster than poor management. Successful business management and leadership is far more rare than most think. This show discusses effective management and leadership needed to align the incentives throughout your company so you can build and achieve long term value and success for your business. … [Read more...]

TheUC 006: Pitching Your Venture – Tell A Great Story to Get Investor Interest


Getting attention for your business is all about the story you tell. It isn't enough for your product to be excellent. If you can't relay your opportunity in a compelling way, you will not get the investor, customer, or personnel interest that is critical for business success. This episode goes through how to put together a compelling pitch so you can best articulate the value of your venture. … [Read more...]

TheUC 005: What is Your Business Worth? Understanding Valuation


No matter what stage your business is in, the understanding of what your venture is worth will always be important.  A venture is worth what someone else is willing to pay for it. However, the market isn't always there to set the price, and CEO's and founders rarely listen to what the marketplace is telling them their company is worth. This episode demystifies valuation, discusses the different methods used to justify valuation, and gives tools and frameworks so you can be more prepared to … [Read more...]

TheUC 004: Why Do I Need A Business Plan?


Does having a Business Plan really matter?  The truth is that you can still get lucky without one, and many are teaching and advising entrepreneurs to just get out there. But it is dangerous and costly to throw a whole bunch of stuff at the wall just to see what sticks if anything sticks at all. It might get you into a market place faster, but it may very well be the wrong one, and all you’ve done is to pave the way for someone else to step over your carcass and garner the value of your … [Read more...]

TheUC 003: Set Goals for Success & Build a Network to Achieve


It is important to set a tangible goal. If you don’t set this stake in the ground, how do you know you are going in the right direction?  Don’t worry, the stake can be moved as your opportunity evolves.  However, there is an important distinction between a "goal" and a "desired outcome."  A well conceived goal that is appropriately ambitious yet potentially attainable will give you your most likely chance at achieving your desired outcome.  Setting up a goal that depends largely on 'luck' will … [Read more...]

TheUC 002: Is Your Idea An Opportunity?


I get asked all the time whether or not I think an idea is ‘good,’ and my answer is always the same: "I don’t know & frankly, I don’t care." An idea just doesn’t matter all that much to the financial success of a venture. All things being equal, I’d rather invest in an idea that is ‘good,’ but that is for the market to determine not any one person.  A lot of businesses start out with an ‘idea.’ But ideas don’t make money. What matters is an opportunity to potentially earn significant long … [Read more...]

TheUC 001: What Is The Unapologetic Capitalist?


The Unapologetic Capitalist is for anyone who has been intrigued, in anyway, by building something of potentially extraordinary long term value. This is for anyone who wants to seriously bolster their current business, has thought about leaping off the precipice to start their own venture, is already a serial entrepreneur, or perhaps just wants to live the entrepreneurship life vicariously.  The Unapologetic Capitalist has no definitive right or wrong answers to offer…only more or less prepared … [Read more...]