TheUC 015: New Leadership and Paying for the Sins of Previous Management

Sins of Previous MgmtAs a new leader, you might be tempted to come into your new position and make a big splash to establish your mark and prove your worth to everyone by making some sweeping new measure. However, that’s a lot like going into another country and demanding everything be done the way of your native land. You aren’t being bold. You are just revealing how insecure you are in your leadership. It is important to practice patience in your leadership and management, even if you don’t think you have the luxury of patience. Patience is a critical leadership discipline and skill that demands practice. Patience is HARD, but being caviler and capricious is easy. Be better than that. Be a smart enough leader with the discipline to show deference to the organization you are inheriting. Remember, THE number one cause of conflict in an organization is from PERCEIVED misinformation. So if you come in and don’t even try to understand the culture and assets of the organization, then you will not only quash the positive aspects that you NEED to cultivate and grow, but you will instantly provoke a divisive organization. You can pretend you are being “bold,” but really you are being a lazy leader and manager. If you don’t understand the culture and people that you are there to lead, you will destroy the value in the company. Be a good leader and learn to leverage the company you are inheriting to add long term value to the venture.