The UC 060: Bribes or Threats? Which Gets Results?

TheUC 059

    The key to productivity is to have a meaningful and optimal incentive system. Fear is unfortunately a powerful motivator so it might be tempting to try and change behavior through punitive measures for poor performance or bad behavior. But it is a short term play. You will lose talent. On the other hand, a positive incentive, bonus or “bribe,” can also be powerful for those who are ambitious and motivated. But overly generous bribes can quickly turn someone entitled. So what … [Read more...]

TheUC 051: Why Are You So Busy? Be Better at Time Management


Wherever you are is where you should be. If you try to be many places at once, you are truly present nowhere. Too many people are boasting that they are 'so busy.' If you are consummately busy, you are either poor at time management, seriously undervaluing your time, or both. Some say how 'busy' they are to imply that they are important because they are so in demand. Thus, we should feel blessed by their mere presence. Sometimes being 'busy' is the excuse for something being a low priority and … [Read more...]