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The Unapologetic Capitalist

By AB Gerlach

The Unapologetic Capitalist is for anyone who has been compelled in any way by entrepreneurship. This is for anyone who has thought about leaping off the precipice to start their own business, is already a serial entrepreneur, or maybe just wants to live the life vicariously. In this book, Alison Gerlach offers a practical, no-nonsense approach, citing clever analogies and empirical studies, without offering hollow guarantees. She is a realist with a communication style that makes otherwise complex thoughts accessible and compelling with an elegant simplicity.

Her hands-on bible for the entrepreneur will be an algorithm of sorts, outlining, through her personal, professional, and academic experience she preaches the gospel of building ventures of significant long-term value. The book isn’t offering any right or wrong answers. The hope is that the reader will be compelled to think for his or herself to best build their own empire. Ms. Gerlach will share her methodology, honed after 20 years as a businesswoman and Ivy League lecturer, integrating her tenets with thought-provoking questions and anecdotes that will enable the reader to put what s/he has just learned into practice with simple, guiding frameworks.

With her captivating, conversational voice and her simple, pictorial approach, Ms. Gerlach makes the unknown that much more tangible to the reader. The Unapologetic Capitalist is a user-friendly opportunity in a genre of books that is often dry and colorless.

By the end of The Unapologetic Capitalist, the reader will have a first-hand understanding of the twists, turns, and thrill of the entrepreneur’s ride and will be well-equipped, with genuine tools and meaningful frameworks, to take that ride for themselves with eyes wide open.

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