TheUC 056: Like it or Not, Fear Sells…Are You Buying?

The UC 056

I’ve long since preached that it is the insecure and truly deplorable leaders who have to lead by fear. It means that they don’t have anything of substance to offer so they have to make you fearful so you will look to them to save them from the very things they are telling you to be afraid of. The reality is that these leaders who are so horrible at their jobs that they have to resort to leading by fear, are themselves the most fearful of all. And the greatest fear of all is the truth.

  1. Brief Recap of Past Couple of Shows
    1. Show 55 “Win Win” Can there be a win-win? Yes, there can be a win-win, but only if the focus can truly be on generating long term value. However, in business we can’t avoid working with people. People are the greatest asset to any company and can also be the greatest liability. There is NO win-win if someone’s win depends on someone else losing.
    2. Show 52 Don’t take the blame…take responsibility
      1. Blame or fault is backwards looking
      2. Responsibility is forward thinking
      3. ‘No one is coming’…acknowledgement and responsibility opens up innovation and opportunity
  1. Introduction of Discussion Topic…Like it or not fear sells. Movies and literature throughout time demonstrate the power of fear over and over again
    1. We can’t ignore that fear motivates
    2. We fear failure, rejection…why do we fear those things…because we fear judgment by others! But most of all, we fear the truth. And we fear that the truth might not be good enough. Honesty and transparency takes courage and character, two aspects that sadly most leaders lack. The crappy leaders who are too afraid to check their egos at the door because they need their ego to hide behind, because their truth just isn’t good enough.  Leaders who lead by ego are the biggest fraidy cats of them all!
    3. You can recognize the impotent leader who is so pathetic that they have no tools but fear because they are the ones who so adamantly tell you what to be afraid of and then tell you who to blame for it Episode 52. Bad leaders place blame and good leaders take responsibility. These are the NAKED Emperors – or
    4. Leaders of no substance that use fears are the ones that have to tell you what to think: such as “I’m smart” because their work is so poor that they are banking on you being gullible or lazy and won’t pull back the curtain to find out they aren’t smart. Truly smart people would NEVER have to say they are smart, because their work speaks for itself. The bad leaders will have to say “I’m rich” again, banking on your gullibility and sheer laziness and make you afraid to even think for yourself. Believe me, no one who actually has earned wealth would ever brag about it. Only the posers do that…again, out of fear you might strip back the curtain and find out they are impotent.
  1. Just like in the last episode on achieving a ‘win win’ scenario, the bad leaders of this world will invite their cozy, crutch buddies “hubris” and “ego”
    1. Hubris and ego insidiously destroy value while making you think they are there to protect and defend your interests.
    2. And what are you really afraid of…that you are actually worthless? That you’ve built yourself on nothing but a bunch of lies…and any moment you will be outed for being worthless? So when you fear you are losing the game, the bad leaders will blame the game itself…it is the ‘refs’ fault…the game was ‘rigged’ it was all a conspiracy. Leaders who are conspiracy theorists are the scariest leaders of all.  They are the ones who project their massive fears and insecurities onto others because they think it will distract others from actually seeing what a loser they truly are.
  2. What can you do to be better than your fears?
    1. What does your “Oz” look like? How disparate it your projected Oz from the truth of the old man hiding behind the curtain?
    2. Ask yourself why you had to invent Oz in the first place? Be courageous enough to be honest about yourself…your strengths and weaknesses.
    3. Take responsibility!! Episode 52
    4. Patience is a virtue:
    5. Ask yourself, what type of leader are you?
    6. Emperor’s New Clothes
    7. Want to build long term value more than you fear your own impotence.