TheUC 054: Keys to Managing Conflict


Conflict arises in any venture. When that conflict escalates or becomes on-going between founders, partners, leaders and managers, it can destroy the value in even the most stalwart companies. In this episode, The UC discusses strategies and tactics to mitigate and manage conflict, retain value, and right the ship towards long term venture value.

  1. Brief Recap of Past Couple of Shows
    1. Bill Aulet from Martin Trust Entrepreneurship Center at MIT – importance of people management and culture
    2. Episode 14: when culture meets strategy and execution
    3. Episode 24: Chemistry matters…when all stars fail
    4. Optimal Time Management…Don’t strive to be ‘busy’ strive to be accessible
    5. Don’t take the blame…take responsibility
      1. Blame or fault is backwards looking
      2. Responsibility is forward thinking
      3. ‘No one is coming’…acknowledgement and responsibility opens up innovation and opportunity
  1. Recognition of Conflict in Your Organization
  2. Conflict Management
  3. Conflict Mitigation
  4. Venture Value Preservation