TheUC 036: CEO Jordan Schindler Discusses Growing His Venture Nufabrx


CEO Jordan Schindler of Nüfabrx discusses bringing his venture to the next major milestone by balancing investment in sales and inventory management. The discussion hits the 3 key impediments towards achieving the critical milestones in a high growth venture and discusses solutions for building a venture of significant value.

Nufabrx Overview: This venture has created a new way to administer essential oils, medications, vitamins and cosmeceuticals. Their approach embeds medications into any fabric, which releases actives into the skin on contact—yet not into the wash during laundering of the fabric. The first product, the Nufabrx pillowcase, is made of bamboo and infused with clinically proven natural remedies to treat acne.

  1. Introduction of Show Topic: How High Growth Ventures Can Bridge the Gap from Today to The Next Major Milestone Toward Building A Venture of Great Value – Highlighting Nüfabrx with CEO Jordan Schindler
  2. Brief Recap of Last Show
    1. Discussion of 3 Key Impediments Toward Achieving Key Milestones in a Growing Venture
      1. Setting the Right Milestones
        1. Having Clarity of the Ventures Current Status
        2. Setting the Appropriate Next Milestone Given Status
        3. Being Disciplined Not to Skip Steps
      2. Understanding Realistic Resources and Timing
      3. Making Prudent and Informed Decisions…Knowing True Costs (hard costs and opportunity costs)
    2. Key Challenges for Ventures:
      1. Gaining Critical Mass of Customers
      2. Getting Adoption of New Innovation from Notoriously Slow Industries (e.g. Health Care and Agriculture)
      3. Inventory Management…Balance of Investment in Inventory & Operations versus Investment in Sales and Business Development
  3. Introduction & Profile of Venture Nüfabrx
    1. Overview of Opportunity
    2. Story of Venture
    3. Story of CEO
    4. Current Status of Venture
  4. Key Challenge for Growing Venture Nüfabrx
  5. Discussion of Venture Strategy to Balance Investment in Inventory & Business Development
  6. Transitioning Venture from Smaller Customers to Large Ones
  7. Wrap Up