TheUC 041: What Kind of CEO Are You?


Are you a good CEO? What kind of leader are you? Many CEOs sink the value of their company by getting distracted by their own media. A good leader and CEO will prioritize the needs of the venture over their personal wants. It is important to learn what outlets and assets to properly leverage to build value in the venture rather than unwittingly destroying the company’s value by indulging in their personal megalomania.

  • The 4 archetypes of CEOs:
    • Naked Emperor/Megalomaniac CEO: Typically rule by fear, and need ‘yes men’ around them. Fear change and innovation and highly vulnerable to ‘scoundrels’ or competitive opportunists. CEOs with excellent golf games, huge mansions, corporate jet for personal use, win awards, write books & sit on many boards while in office will sink value of company. These CEOs are also media whores who emphasize their personal want for attention over promoting important core business of the company.
    • Firefighter CEO: Put forth an inordinate amount of effort on tactical ‘fires’ in front of them and often neglect the greater forest. These CEOs are the ones who are so busy putting out a bush fire in front of them they neglect the whole forest and they justify their business because they don’t see that they are thwarting company progress by putting out a modest impediment. These CEOs are “too busy” to plan and prepare, and unknowingly they lose sight of the vision of the venture.
    • Dinosaur CEO: Older CEOs who have been content with their earlier successes and haven’t seen any value in staying on the forefront of their industry or investing in innovation. They have long since become ‘extinct’/obsolete in their industry and excuse their lack of current results or leadership with their ‘good intentions.’ These CEOs have long since been irrelevant to the company, but aren’t yielding to the next generation of leaders who want to grow and innovate in the company.
    • Benevolent Dictator: What every good CEO and leader should strive to be. An effective leader who prioritizes the long term value and needs of the venture above any short term or individual want. Benevolent Dictator
  • Key CEO questions:
    • Are you making excuses or taking responsibility?
    • How much does experience matter?
    • How much does management skill matter?
  • Key to a good CEO is prior assessment as whether or not they are the right person to be at the helm. A good hire must be more than a short term PR move.
  • How are you using the assets and media available to grow the company?
  • Are you using media to promote the company? Or are you just promoting yourself?
  • Are you prioritizing the needs of your venture above your own personal wants?