TheUC 030: Driving Results with Productive Patience


Patience is a virtue. However, leaders and entrepreneurs tend to be inherently impatient. No matter what stage your company is in, you will always feel the pressure of time and results. Time and results are like a chicken and egg situation.  Time will afford you the chance for results, and results will afford you more time. But usually you have dollars flowing out like sands in an hour glass and you don’t have the luxury of letting things play out. Leaders often unknowingly shoot themselves in … [Read more...]

TheUC 003: Set Goals for Success & Build a Network to Achieve


It is important to set a tangible goal. If you don’t set this stake in the ground, how do you know you are going in the right direction?  Don’t worry, the stake can be moved as your opportunity evolves.  However, there is an important distinction between a "goal" and a "desired outcome."  A well conceived goal that is appropriately ambitious yet potentially attainable will give you your most likely chance at achieving your desired outcome.  Setting up a goal that depends largely on 'luck' will … [Read more...]

TheUC 002: Is Your Idea An Opportunity?


I get asked all the time whether or not I think an idea is ‘good,’ and my answer is always the same: "I don’t know & frankly, I don’t care." An idea just doesn’t matter all that much to the financial success of a venture. All things being equal, I’d rather invest in an idea that is ‘good,’ but that is for the market to determine not any one person.  A lot of businesses start out with an ‘idea.’ But ideas don’t make money. What matters is an opportunity to potentially earn significant long … [Read more...]