The UC 058: Don’t Speculate, Invest! with Guest Paul Moore of Wellings Capital

TheUC 058

Guest Paul Moore of Wellings Capital discusses making thoughtful real estate investments rather than speculating. Wellings Capital generates long term value by creating multi-generational wealth through multi-family, commercial real estate investing. Wellings Capital has a unique vision that aligns solid returns for its investors with a mission of greater altruistic giving. Join the discussion of Paul’s entrepreneurial adventure through making money, losing money, and ultimately finding that the … [Read more...]

TheUC 025: Being Your Own Boss with Special Guest Gerald Lucas


Being your own boss sounds great when you are working in a large corporation or are in school, but it comes with unique and sometimes Herculean challenges. Being your own boss also means that it all comes down to you. You may feel like you ‘get’ to make the final decisions, but you are the one who has to bear the burden of the outcomes. You may think you have those who work ‘for’ you, but in reality, you have people whose livelihoods now depend on you. Gerald Lucas is the founder and CEO of … [Read more...]