TheUC 039: Selling Innovation with CEO John Kawola of Harvest Automation


CEO John Kawola of Harvest Automation discusses the challenges of selling innovation to a traditional marketplace that is generally slow to adopt new technologies. John Kawola talks about the need to invest in building face-to-face relationships with the customer and utilizing ‘old school’ sales techniques such as product education and trials to convert sales. Selling innovation is key to generating long term venture value. Introduction of Show Topic: How High Growth Ventures Can Bridge the … [Read more...]

TheUC 008: Selling and Presenting Yourself


Putting yourself out there effectively in the business world is essential. Whether you are pitching to investors, selling your product, building a customer base, recruiting, or interviewing, you are at some level selling yourself. Presenting yourself in a successful way is very challenging. Some are 'too slick,' and some are downright squeamish about presenting themselves. This episode discusses the many different audiences that you will need to present yourself while offering tactics for … [Read more...]