TheUC 046: 5 Tactics that Increase Revenue


Companies of all stages struggle to increase revenue. This discussion lays out an easy, 5 tactic approach that leverages your company’s current customer base and core business to increase revenue. Identify Impediments to change. What’s keeping you from changing to a new unit of business or from achieving higher performance and increase revenue on the key metrics associated with an existing unit of business? In this part of the process, you want to remove the blinders that exist when … [Read more...]

The UC 038: Building Brand Awareness with Stayful CEO Cheryl Rosner


Building Product and Brand Awareness with Cheryl Rosner, CEO Building brand awareness is key to venture success. Stayful CEO Cheryl Rosner discusses the challenges of building product and brand awareness amongst multiple customer groups.  The show includes an in-depth conversation exploring the evolution of creating brand awareness with early adopting customers who are integrally involved in product development to mass market customers who want a perfect product at a low … [Read more...]

TheUC 031: Buying Smart – Mastering the Art of M&A

Buying Smart

The age old mantra of “buying low and selling high” is the basis for making money on any transaction including an M&A deal. However, there is a difference in perspective if you are a day trader or a house flipper versus buying something to generate substantial long term value.  For instance, sensitivity to purchase price is going to be very different for someone buying an investment property versus a buyer looking for a home to live in for many years. There are a lot of great reasons to … [Read more...]

TheUC 016: Sell to the RIGHT Customers at the RIGHT Price at the RIGHT Time

target customers

Making money depends on getting your product sold to the RIGHT customer at the RIGHT price at the RIGHT time. Business development means developing a pipeline of business so that you can ultimately sell to them. Many business development and sales people think they are good at their jobs, but the proof is found in actual and profitable transactions. Building the most valuable, long-term customer base that generates tangible revenues takes time, persistence, and availability at the right time … [Read more...]