TheUC 034: Attract Customers and Earn Loyalty


Attracting new customers and earning their loyalty is hard and getting harder. Customers are fickle and overly informed. In today’s day and age of instant information overload, how can you effectively attract customers and earn loyalty? Technology and social media, have given discerning consumers a lot more to consider when they buy. This makes it very challenging to attract customers and demonstrate the value in paying for your product over the many other substitutes out there. The same goes … [Read more...]

TheUC 032: Forget ‘Freemium’ Aim for Stay and Pay


Everyone loves free stuff. But once you’ve given your product away for free, you’ve just valued it at zero. People clamor to get free stuff like it is the most valuable thing ever, but once they’ve gotten it for free, they will almost never pay for it, because what they really value is the feeling of having ‘won’ something or gotten ‘something for nothing.’ The ‘freemium’ model of giving away your product today in the hopes to earn dollars from them tomorrow has created a lot of problems that … [Read more...]