TheUC 049: Is Venture Capital Right for Your Company?

049 VC

The Unapologetic Capitalist revisits with Jordan Schindler, CEO of Textile Based Delivery and Nufabrx to check in on the growth and progress since previously profiling the venture. Jordan talks about the evolution of the company from its inaugural Nufabrx product into developing opportunities for licensing the proprietary technology of Textile Based Delivery. The discussion continues to explore the most appropriate avenues from angel investment to venture capital investment as they seeking … [Read more...]

TheUC 048: Are You Ready to Raise Money?


It is hard to raise money. Yet, building and growing a business often requires capital.  However, simply needing cash doesn't mean you are ready to ask for and incorporate investment into your venture. Being ready to raise money means knowing how much you need, what those dollars are being optimally used for, and how and when those dollars will convert to a meaningful return.  This episode begins the discussion on assessing whether or not you are "venture ready." When to raise … [Read more...]