The UC 060: Bribes or Threats? Which Gets Results?

TheUC 059

    The key to productivity is to have a meaningful and optimal incentive system. Fear is unfortunately a powerful motivator so it might be tempting to try and change behavior through punitive measures for poor performance or bad behavior. But it is a short term play. You will lose talent. On the other hand, a positive incentive, bonus or “bribe,” can also be powerful for those who are ambitious and motivated. But overly generous bribes can quickly turn someone entitled. So what … [Read more...]

The UC 059: Is the Founder the Best CEO for the Company? Guest Todd Uterstaedt


The Pros and Cons of Being a Founder and CEO Introduction of Show Topic: Special Guest From Founder to CEO Todd Uterstaedt Is the founder of a company the best choice to be the CEO? When should you ask this question? Who do you ask? Join the discussion as Alison Gerlach, The Unapologetic Capitalist, and Todd Uterstaedt, host of From Founder to CEO, contemplate this essential leadership topic as to who is the best CEO to build the most long term value in the venture. Introduction of … [Read more...]

The UC 058: Don’t Speculate, Invest! with Guest Paul Moore of Wellings Capital

TheUC 058

Guest Paul Moore of Wellings Capital discusses making thoughtful real estate investments rather than speculating. Wellings Capital generates long term value by creating multi-generational wealth through multi-family, commercial real estate investing. Wellings Capital has a unique vision that aligns solid returns for its investors with a mission of greater altruistic giving. Join the discussion of Paul’s entrepreneurial adventure through making money, losing money, and ultimately finding that the … [Read more...]

The UC 057: Unconscious Bias: Can You Overcome Yours?

TheUC 057

Bias, whether unconscious or not, can unwittingly keep us from recognizing great opportunities. Your bias can destroy potentially significant long term value. It is VERY important to recognize and understand your biases so that you can overcome them and be a productive and value generating leader. Often times the greatest impediment to success is ourselves, and we don’t even know it. What is unconscious bias? Biasis a prejudice in favor of or against one thing, person, or group compared … [Read more...]

TheUC 056: Like it or Not, Fear Sells…Are You Buying?

The UC 056

I’ve long since preached that it is the insecure and truly deplorable leaders who have to lead by fear. It means that they don’t have anything of substance to offer so they have to make you fearful so you will look to them to save them from the very things they are telling you to be afraid of. The reality is that these leaders who are so horrible at their jobs that they have to resort to leading by fear, are themselves the most fearful of all. And the greatest fear of all is the truth. Brief … [Read more...]

TheUC 055: The Myth of the Win-Win Scenario


  Is there really ever a true ‘win-win’ scenario? You hear it all the time, in business and even in life situations: ”Hey this is a win-win!” However, if you have to convince someone it is a ‘win-win,’ then it probably isn’t. And if one party’s definition of a ‘win’ is that someone else loses, then there is no deal to be had and you will certainly end up with a ‘lose-lose’ scenario. Join this discussion about how to give yourself the best chance at actually achieving the theoretical … [Read more...]

TheUC 054: Keys to Managing Conflict


Conflict arises in any venture. When that conflict escalates or becomes on-going between founders, partners, leaders and managers, it can destroy the value in even the most stalwart companies. In this episode, The UC discusses strategies and tactics to mitigate and manage conflict, retain value, and right the ship towards long term venture value. Brief Recap of Past Couple of Shows Bill Aulet from Martin Trust Entrepreneurship Center at MIT – importance of people management and … [Read more...]

The UC 053: Disciplined Entrepreneurship with Bill Aulet


There is a ton of advice out there on starting a company. Some of the advice is sage, but much of it is inappropriately projective, often capricious, and even wayward. Starting and growing a company demands diligence, patience and most of all productivity. The Unapologetic Capitalist has an earnest discussion with Bill Aulet, Managing Director of the Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship, on following the optimal path for building a venture in the current … [Read more...]

TheUC 052: Good Leaders Take Responsibility. Bad Leaders Place Blame

TheUC 052

Good leaders take responsibility and never place blame. Everyone is ready to take credit when things go well. Yet, it is all finger pointing at others when things go south. Blame is easy. Bad leaders blame someone or something else. But blame is unproductive and detrimental. Being a productive leader means taking responsibility. This discussion focuses on recognizing the difference between blame or fault and being a strong leader and taking responsibility.  Truly stepping up and taking … [Read more...]

TheUC 051: Why Are You So Busy? Be Better at Time Management


Wherever you are is where you should be. If you try to be many places at once, you are truly present nowhere. Too many people are boasting that they are 'so busy.' If you are consummately busy, you are either poor at time management, seriously undervaluing your time, or both. Some say how 'busy' they are to imply that they are important because they are so in demand. Thus, we should feel blessed by their mere presence. Sometimes being 'busy' is the excuse for something being a low priority and … [Read more...]